Canberra prisoner prompts secrecy debate

Canb온카지노erra prisoner prompts secrecy debate


A federal prison in Canberra’s northwest is taking steps to keep inmates, despite being under threat of closure by a federal minister, am카지노id controversy over the use of solitary confinement to punish prisoners.

It is not the first time the federal government has threatened to close the prison at the Northern Maroochydore Penitentiary (NMP), but the idea was revealed last week.

Key points: No official notice will be sent until a detailed strategic plan is produced to ensure prisoners do not suffer in isolation

Prisoners involved in a strike were released on bail last week

Prisoners are now awaiting approval from구리출장안마 the government as to whether they will receive a formal notice of closure

But for nearly five months now, prison authorities have resisted calls from the Australian Public Service Workers Union (APDWU) to ensure prisoners do not suffer in isolation.

“It’s clear that the government will continue to withhold vital intelligence and to keep the public in the dark about what’s going on at the prison,” said Aseem Malhotra from the union.

‘The risk of isolation is real’

One of the reasons that prisoners have rejected this threat is because the proposal is meant to be a confidential document to provide information and advice to inmates, not a public policy.

However, despite this, the documents have only been passed to the Department of Home Affairs (DoHA) and the Commonwealth Secretariat.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that around 200 prisoners in the NMP suffer from a mental health issue and it is possible some may be mentally ill enough to require the use of isolation, as is the case of one in 15 of all prisoners.

Inmates are also concerned about the use of isolation, as a key consideration in getting them to cooperate with police, says the APSU.

They are also concerned they will lose out on the services they get if they get held in isolation and if they are found guilty of a crime.

If the threat doesn’t happen, the government will, they say, have to find another way to keep them in isolation.

The union said the threat made the government’s “responsibility to secure a proper prison system for the benefit of all its citizens” look shabby.

“It’s not an acceptable situation to have any prisoners in isolation in a time of extreme circumstances,” APSU general secretary Steven Williams told Lateline.

“The use of isolation wa

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