Foreigner remanded over cocaine smuggling case to Melbourne Magistrates Court

Foreigner remanded over cocaine smuggling case to Melbourne Magistrates Court


A South Australian woman has been remanded in custody after she allegedly smuggled more than $1 million worth of cocaine into Melbourne via Thailand.

Melbourne Magistrates Court heard 21-year-old Melissa Krieger was charged on Tuesd로투스 홀짝ay with importing cocaine, importation of a drug related to terrorism and being a criminal in possession of property.

In August 2014, she was detained on a flight to Thailand while in Australia, but then returned to Australia when she failed to renew her visa in 2015.

Krieger told police she met the man, an Indonesian national, on the road from Australia to Bangkok, with another woman who she called “Bali”.

They met again on a train in Thailand and on a boat in Sydney and each gave Krieger $250,000, court documents said.

“She [Krieger] told him she was buying drugs from the Indonesi슬롯 머신an in Australia,” an investigator told the court.

“He was the biggest seller she had ever dealt with but, as a result, she was able to meet her financial obligations.”

Court documents said Krieger told investigators she did not tell investigators what코인 카지노 they were looking for because it would interfere with other investigations.

A search warrant and two arrests warrant were executed at Krieger’s home in North Melbourne when she was interviewed by investigators last Tuesday.

During questioning, Krieger admitted to having $3,200 of cocaine in the property, $1,600 in cash and an Indonesian passport she had used on at least two previous occasions.

Her lawyer said Krieger’s actions were motivated by money, as she wanted to improve her family’s life here in Australia.

“For my clients and others that have been victimized in these circumstances it’s really difficult at times when you are desperate, if you just want something — you might not find the thing. You might find it through other avenues,” solicitor Peter Cockerham said.

But Krieger’s lawyer denied this was the case.

“She has spent her life doing good things and people will find her,” Cockerham told reporters outside the court.

“She knows, she does this because she is in search of something, a goal — she is looking for a purpose — because she did not have anything before now, she is in search of something.”

Krieger was previously charged with having 10,821 grams o

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