Government under fire over school ceiling safety

Government under fire over school ceiling safety

Boris Johnson has warned people to be careful about falling objects that fall from the windows of their homes and schools – warning they can put the lives of other residents at risk.

In a speech in Buckingham Palace, the Mayor said: “It can be tempting to look at the consequences of falling objects from the outside of your house or school building and bemoan how dangerous it is to fall from those windows.

“But there is only one thing that is more dangerous than falling objects from above and I think those consequences should be considered carefully.

“There is no such thing as “safe” windows and all such windows need to be treated as safe by the Home Office.”

The Mayor said he wanted parents to be aware of the김해출장안마 dangers that could result if someone fell from a window while it was closed.

“I’m a dad of two children and it is only sensible to be very aware of the dangers of falling from the windows of the home you are renting to and this Government has some great ideas to give them some help in their safety,” he said.

“When parents have their children locked away, it has the biggest impact on their lives when they are locked away. When the parent나비야 마사지s move from one property into another, and so on, that can have a huge impact on the psychological adjustment of those children, particularly children who have to deal with having to interact with their neighbours and the local authorities.”

The Mayor said more than 1.2 million homes have had their windows made more “suitable” since the end of the last Labour Government, bringing the total number of homes where falling objects are a problem to 2.3 million.

He said it would be “extremely unfortunate” if some homes were being “pushed out” by falling objects, but said the Home Office 샌즈 카지노was committed to ensuring all home owners had the necessary protection to safeguard their own security.

“What needs to happen now is that if people are aware of any safety hazards from falling objects then they are being told clearly and quickly to protect the lives and safety of themselves and their family and friends,” he added.

“We know that not all homes are equally safe, particularly those within urban communities, but we need a wider view so we can help our cities and suburbs, particularly the largest and wealthiest, to build more appropriate security and comfort in their homes.”

The Mayor described the number of incidents across the country that have resulted in life-threatening injuries and incidents leading to fatalitie

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