New method reducing bycatch for prawn fishermen

New method reducing bycatch for prawn fishermen

In a statement issued on Thursday, state fisheries spokesman Stephen Foskett said the state had already banned the hunting of prawns 제천안마in the state after a group of fishermen caught a large group of them in July.

“The fishermen responsible are being인터넷 바카라 questioned and we have had no prior reports of illegal hunting and I am aware of no charges of illegal fishing,” Foskett said.

The statement said they have received calls from other state companies about the practice and want to speak to each person concerned.

Foskett also said there would be “no change in the general policy of banning fishing for prawns,” since “an entire group” of fishermen had caught fish that they had failed to label as prawns.

He added there will be no changes in the current regulations o부산 마사지n the permit, but said they have issued them the needed permits since July 19.

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