Nsw police pledge to tackle burglary rate despite fears of upsurge

Nsw police pledge to tackle burglary rate despite fears of upsurge

A senior police officer said it was a “significant” rise since the first burglary took place about four years ago.

But she said: “We are not saying it doesn’t exist, it exists in some areas, we are concerned about the fact that some people are making a significant dent in burglary rates.”

Chief Constable Nick Wall told the BBC News Channel that it could be as little as one property burglary a week if not for new technology and technology-savvy burglary thieves who are “changing the game”.

A Home Office report suggested that burglaries had increased by 13% from the last year, 나비야 마사지and a recent survey of officers found that 90% believe they have been a victim of burglary in the last 12 months.

However, in the most recent annual Crime Survey for England and Wales data from October 2011, 68% of people reported having been victims of a property burglary that led to either physical harm or an economic loss.

More women are victims of violent crime

The survey showed that, of those with a property, around 80% reported one previous assault.

This compares with a figure of 77% of the general population, but around 70% of women over the age of 25, a group that accounts for the highest numbers of violent crimes against women.

In contr해운대안마ast, only about two-thirds of men, who are in their 20s and 30s, report being a victim of property crime in the same circumstances.

Figures released by police chiefs in October showed an increase in violent crime in England and Wales – which is now at its highest point since the government launched a new police strategy in 2005.

From 2007-09, there was a 4.3% decrease in crimes committed against property, when the total figure was about 3.8%.

Criminals commit more than one crime a year in England and Wales

Image caption Police chiefs have warned that the crime increase is driven more by changes to 천안안마the behaviour of burglars and drug dealers

Burglars break into homes with ease, which means they can gain entry with little detection, and carry out as many as 25 burglaries a year.

There are also widespread criminal gangs, such as drugs dealers who target elderly or minority people, who steal expensive items from the home.

While there is some research suggesting more women are victims of violent crime than men, there is no hard evidence to suggest the rate increases were linked to th

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