Royal wedding tour fundraising on track to beat planned 2013 date

Royal wedding tour fundraising on track to beat planned 2013 date

But while the money that comes from the sale of the company will be used for the planned celebration in 2013, it’s not the only revenue source for Komen’s $1 billion breast cancer charity. The company is already investing in cancer prevention initiatives at homes and businesses, including helping women make healthy meal plans.

The announcement Monday comes only a week after the breast cancer charity pulled down its plans to host a $100,000 fund-raiser at the Washington Redskins football stadium, which was scheduled to take place Nov. 16.

Komen said Tuesday that the Washington event would draw hundreds of participants, bringing in $300,000 in donations through Komen on its web site alone. In addition, Komen will open a clinic at its headquarters천안안마 in Columbia, S.C., from Aug. 28-Sept. 15 and plans to run more fundraising events over the next year, a spokesman said.

The plans include a fundraising dinner featuring local restaurants, at which donors will enjoy a $40 drink special, for which a donation of $100 will support Komen Cancer Action, according to an announcement released Tuesday. Komen said the dinner will feature dishes made by a Komen famSM 카지노ily member, along with special treats made by its own restaurant.

The dinner includes appetizers of chicken, salmon and salmon liver, an entree 슬롯 머신of duck breast, the appetizer of chicken, fish and shrimp, a soup with the famous Kefir chicken curry sauce, as well as a salad.

Tickets will be sold at an online auction at noon Tuesday, followed by a ribbon-cutting at a special event, and the proceeds will go to breast cancer charity programs, according to the announcement.

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