Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers

Scaring birds from mango crop using lasers

Laser weapons used in the battle against terrorist groups in Yemen in 2015. Image: Reuters

The US-led coalition fighting al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) has used laser weapons for the first time in Yemen’s civil war. US-led coalition military spokesman Colonel Steve Warren confirmed that the US is also considering using lasers to target enemy fighters who have not yet returned fire. Al Qaeda is also suspected to be using lasers to target civilians.

“We have an established laser weapon system that we are studying and are working with allied forces to implement with greater effectiveness and accuracy.”

Warplanes flying in and out of coalition bases in Yemen launched their most powerful laser weapon yet in the campaign against al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula’s branch in the country, according to Reuters.

A laser weapon can fire a large number of laser pulses at a time and use구미출장안마s a frequency range of up to 50 gigahertz. It is fired fr바카라규칙om a device known as a laser range finder system (LRWS), which is capable of finding ranges up to 300 nautical miles. One of the LRWS laser weapons has reportedly hit an AQAP truck and an al Qaeda militant, according to Reuters. The drone fired another laser weapon at the truck near Al-Arak province in Saudi Arabia.

Laser weapons, which can be installed on the shoulder-fired Paveway IV air-to-air missiles, were used in the battle for Tikrit in Iraq on February 24. The US-led coalition said that laser-guided ammunition had already killed seven members of AQAP바카라 사이트 in Iraq. A separate laser strike against an AQAP facility in the city of Taez killed at least 12 people during an operations briefing conducted by coalition forces, according to the news outlet.

More than 500 US military troops, including several hundred special operations forces, have been deployed to Yemen for the ongoing coalition mission. A US Navy Paveway IV air-to-air missile carrier has arrived in Aden and has been deployed to help train Yemeni forces. The US has also launched its most powerful missile battery of its conflict against AQAP fighters in the country, in the battles to take two strategic al Houthi-controlled locations in the country’s southern port city of Aden and the city of Mukalla.

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