Students to represent nation at space olympics

Students to represent nation at space olympics

D.S.S.O., The D.S.S.O. Space School has launched its first mission as a national organization. It will attend the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro where national teams will be expected to compete for the title of best in their respective states. The D.S.S.O. is a member of Space Academy, w바카라hich has made international space exploration part of its curriculum.

The school has its own space program as well which consists of a few classes. Students from around the country will be studying at the University of Chicago and participating in numerous outreach projects around the country with the United States and abroad.

Since launching a national program at last year’s Space Olympiad, D.S.S.O. has establ우리카지노ished itself as on카지노 사이트e of the most influential space education organizations in America.

There are currently no plans for a school to become a national organization. The main focus for D.S.S.O. will be developing an international program of outreach and education about the universe and its many aspects.

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