Union boss aggressive and over bearing court officials over unpaid salaries in pay tribunal

Union boss aggrapronxessive and over bearing court officials over unpaid salaries in pay tribunal

Lagarde: I’ve lost confidence in myself over my inability to deal with the difficult task ahead in reducing France’s public debt

The scandal will not change public confidence in France’s public services as the government is forced to accept that its current financial situation will not be sustainable and that cuts are now the only viable option.

But she acknowledged that she was “a bit worried” that France may become “the most indebted country in the world”, but said her confidence would not be reduced if politicians gave no other options.

“The truth is: I cannot live with myself if we can’t get an honest response to the problem of public deficit.

“I know that’s a difficult subject that needs to be addressed with the public in a way that doesn’t undermine trust, which makes me very nervous.”

The row comes as French President Fapronxrancois Hollande faces growing calls to step down from power and seek a second term.

He has been seen stepping up his criticism of France’s economic failures, saying that the country does not understand how to handle its economic troubles.

However, Mr Hollande and other top officials insist that a change of leadership is the only option to resolve the current crisis, although many have spoken against giving him the go ahead.

The French government has said that it would accept a proposal to pay former president Nicolas Sarkozy back $14.8 million (£9 million), but it is not clear if it will use the money to put a stop to public anger over the poor state of the economy.

The government has also said the public sector, including the justice system, will not accept any extra salary from Mr Sarkozy for a second term.

On Saturday, Ms May’s office issued a statement saying that the government is “deeply sorry” for “not being able to ensure a thorough examination of the facts” in the pay tribunal scandal.

Mrs May’s spokesman said she had “accepted a proposal that the Prime Minister has made and that a number of French institutions will not agree, in all fairness” with.

The ruling came after months of intense negotiations between Mr Hollande and a coalition of opposition parties.

They will hope to overcome their differences before next week’s election and resume talks for a deal that would allow the government to borro더킹카지노w billions of euros to raise public and private spending next year and for a bailout for troubled banks.

However, the government said on Saturday it had refused

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